Cross Reference:

Gods to What They Represented

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Last Updated: Sunday, March 19, 2001

Those who filled in the survey asked for it. People sent e-mails asking for it. So here the beginning of it. A crossreference between gods (by culture) and what they were responsible for...sort of, since it very difficult to decide sometimes on the sketchy information we have.

African [Red Bullet] Asian [Red Bullet] Austro-Zealander [Red Bullet] Basque [Red Bullet] Celtic [Red Bullet] Central American [Red Bullet] Egyptian [Red Bullet] Greek [Red Bullet] Hindu(Verdic) [Red Bullet] Indian [Red Bullet] Middle Eastern [Red Bullet] Nordic [Red Bullet] North American [Red Bullet] Roman/Estrucean [Red Bullet] South American [Red Bullet] South Seas

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