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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I can't find a god!?
Use the search engine for the site:
Be careful of the spelling, if you spell it in an unique way then it won't be found, for example Cronis for Cronus. Also the engine only looks for single words not phrases. It might help if you knew how the site is organized.

2. How is this site organized!?
Simply. The home page has links from top to bottom (use the vertical scroll bar) to the major categories.
You have two ways to see what is on the whole site.
SITE MAP: This is the most complete list and you get to it by going from the home page to the Search Site page and clicking on the link that says Site Map.
FRAMES: This is an index which expands the home page links. The major headings in the left frame are the link names on the home page, and the links below the major headings in the left frame are some or all of the links to be found at the next level. If you always want Frames then click on FRAMES in the homepage and bookmark the Frames page that appears and go to the bookmark forever after.

3. How do I find what a god did? It's function?
From the main page of MythHome there is the culture link which has gods divided by culture (Greek, Roman, Egyptian, African, etc, etc.)
Clicking on any of those links takes into a page about the mythology of that culture. Also on this cultural page there is a link to what the god did crossreferenced to god's name page. That link takes you to a list of cultures again. Clicking on one of those gives you a page of functions and the gods associated with that in that culture (a concordence).
There are broad headings like Destiny, Evil, Water, Sky and if you click on that you find what gods existed in that culture for gods associated to say Water. However if you know the name of the god or you know the function you are looking for (for example 'poverty') then you can click on the Edit menu at the top of your browser and click on Find in Page and you will get a find box into which you type the word (or part of a word) you are interested in finding. If it is on the page then it will highlight where it finds the word you are looking for.

4. I looked and looked for the great god Chtlulu and could not find it, so what do I do?
If you did all the search things on the site and could not find it and don't know what culture that god belongs to (Weird American, but that culture is not a choice on MythHome) then contact MythHome using the contact link which is on nearly every page of the site. This is a form so you don't need to have an email program on your machine. But if you do have an email program on your machine you can directly contact the site
or the
(from which most replies are sent).

5. Where are the images?
Click on the word images in the question.
Most people are still using dial up and images take a lot of time to download and have little information compared to text so MythHome uses other sites, and will always try to put all images on one part of the site only.

6. I have an assignment and I want all the information you have on ...?
Good luck. I don't do someone's homework for them. I will answer specific questions. I will point you this page so you can figure out how to look up the information you are trying to find yourself.

7. I clicked on a god name on one of your pages and did not get anything, how come?
If it was a page of god names (like Greek) then the most common reason is you did not follow the instructions on the top of the page.
WAIT UNTIL THE PAGE HAS COMPLETELY LOADED. MythHome generates the definitions of the gods as the page is loaded. If the page is not fully loaded the god definitions do not exist yet. Any clicking on those links will cause an error and stop the loading. You then have to click on reload (refresh) button and wait until the page loads again. It will be loaded when it says 'Done-click links' at the bottom of the browser. Then click your god.
If you have done that and it still gives an error, or it is another kind of link please contact us and tell us which page and which link you had trouble with.

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