Polynesian Creation Story

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Last Updated: Wednesday, February 14, 2001

Ku the Creator began to chant over the great watery chaos,
Things born from darkness are darkness;
Things born from light are lightness
And as the chant continued Po (the earth) was born, and Ao (the sky) was born
And from the watery chaos Ku chanted out Kanalos the great squid (sea god), and Kane (human) and Hina (earth mother).

Kane made many animals, many plants and fresh water in many forms. But he wanted to have a being which looked and acted like him. So he took some soft red clay from Hawaiki (home land) and created Hine-hau-ona (earth born woman). Kane and Hine-hau-ona had a child named Hine-titama (dawn woman).

Then Kane did great wrong. He mated with Hine-titama (not telling her who he was) and as soon as she did learn it she went screaming to her mothers domain Po ( earth, the land of the Dead) Hine-titana cried out "you have broken the cord to the earth", and henceforth Kane could not touch the earth.

And so it is that humans live on the earth, and when they die they return to Po, the land of dreams, lovemaking, and spirit, so they can never be touched by Kane.

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