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Last Updated:Saturday, July 31, 1999

The End of the Age Of Kali

When the earth's surface is for the most part wasted, there will arise a dreadful drought that lasts for a hundred years. The imperishable Visnu will adopt the form of Rudra and act in order to destroy all creatures. Permeating the seven rays of the sun He will drink up all the waters of the three worlds (the heavens, earth, and the underworld) and completely dry up the earth's surface. Then due to his power those same seven rays will become seven suns, which will ignite all three worlds, above and below, along with the underworld. The three worlds will be covered by a frightful tornado of flame; all things moving and unmoving will be consumed by these flames. So then when Rudra has consumed all creation, He will produce from the breath of his mouth elephantine clouds which will fill up the sky, roaring loudly. Pouring down rain they will extinguish the dreadful fires that have overtaken the three worlds. And when the fire is thoroughly quenched, the clouds will continue raining day and night until everything movable and immovable has perished in the watery darkness. These vast clouds will pour down rain for one hundred years until a single ocean completely covers the three worlds. Then will Visnu in his form as Rudra blow from his mouth a wind that will make the clouds disappear, though it takes one hundred years to do this. At the end of this destruction, Visnu, unborn, having awakened, will take the form of Brahma in order to create the next age.

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