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Some Myths In the Century Before Now

Lamarkanism ... What happens to you is passed on to your offspring. Marx and Engels ... Parents of Communism Psychoanalysis ... Freud was basing his statements mainly on experience that people could verify until he gave his interpretation as to the meaning of objects in dreams. His interpretation was everything symbolized sex. For his student Alfred Adler the interpretation was everything symbolized control, and for his other student Carl Jung everything was symbolized by a complex genetic and environmental mythology. Here are some sources:
Science Myths ... Like Phrenology just keeps on going: Science Has Answered All Questions ... Lord Thomson claimed in the 1890's, only little things left to explain were X-rays, Planck Black Body Radiation, and Whether Or Not Atoms Existed. Life in 100 years ... (from the perspective of 1892)

Everyone would be riding bicycles by the 1990's since they were cheap, safe, and easy to use. For those reasons are why cars would never be anything but a fancy for rich people, and eccentrics.

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